Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Nowcast® system?
A: The Nowcast® system is a revolutionary, patent-pending technology that combines sophisticated econometrics with Big Data, data-mining, and machine learning for unparalleled breadth of coverage and forecast accuracy. We are fusing together economics and computer science to bring you a holistic and comprehensive view of the local and global economy – past, present, and future.

Q: What services does the Now-Cast® brand of economic information, consultancy, and software-as-a-service services comprise?
A: We currently offer the following line of economic information, consultancy, and software-as-a-service services under the Now-Cast® brand umbrella:
  1. Past-Cast® Service
  2. Present-Cast® Service
  3. Future-Cast Service
  4. Live-Cast Service
  5. Current-Cast® Report
  6. Macro-Cast Service
  7. Sector-Cast Service
  8. Local-Cast Service
  9. Global-Cast Service
  10. Economapper Tool
The Now-Cast® services are powered by the revolutionary, patent-pending Nowcast® system technology.*

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Register for free and use the "Request Demo" button.
Drop us an email:
Call us at: 1-844-NOW-CAST (1-844-669-2278)
Or write to us at:
Now-Cast Corp.
888c 8th Avenue #333
New York, NY 10019

Now‑Cast®, Nowcast®, Past-Cast®, Present-Cast®, Current-Cast®, and Economic Alchemy® are registered trademarks of Economic Alchemy LLC.
*Restrictions may apply. Product offering and availability subject to change. Prices may vary. For details, please register and submit your inquiry.